hassan kalam abul is an interdisciplinary artist / writer / editor living in Narrm (melbourne, australia) on unceded Boonwurrung and Woiwurrung lands.

i’m maybe the last person to invoke ‘liminality’ with any sincerity, but my movement through the world has been graced and shaped by my transmasculinity, my migration and membership to a scattered bangladeshi-soviet diaspora, and alternations between hyperfocus and the fallows of chronic invisible illness.

i bring all of this to my works, and there are many kinds of works: i paint and draw (mostly digitally these days); make zines and comics (and insist that this will be the year for hand-stitched bindings); work with fibre and textiles (including weaving, felting, traditional yarnwork). i’m learning to solder and working with non-standard audio controls for interactive installations.

i also write. my main areas of interest are desire, automythologies, how we construct others and how we relate to them, and investigations into “culture”.

my work has been published by The Lifted Brow, Subbed In/Ibis House, Pencilled In, and Liminal Magazine, among others, and i’ve appeared in and organised events for the Emerging Writers’ Festival.